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My father was a pressman who worked in cities from Dallas to Jacksonville; hence, I love the smell of ink. When I was in school, I loved the chapter in the grammar book on adjectives and adverbs and loved to write pretty sentences.

Pensacola is my home. The beach and the library - any library - are my favorite places. I taught high school English for a while in Atlanta.

Now I'm an adjunct at Pensacola State College in developmental writing. I find I learn a great deal from my students and find them appreciative.

My mission is to promote peace and good will through writing.

My writing roots


 1989 ~ I Begin

For years I’ve been trying to write a novel, but I keep bogging down when it comes to the opening. And the middle, the conclusion, and the title. It doesn’t even have to be a novel; I just want to write.

Twenty years ago, at the wise old age of eighteen, I felt the urge to be creative, thought perhaps I had something to say. The urge got lost in the shuffle of husband, kids, and job.

As middle age quickly approaches, the creative urge reappears. Potential is there, lurking in the depths, too often buried. The realization of mortality spurs the common desire of man to be remembered, to leave something behind, to make himself immortal.

Successful, famous, and rich, Stephen King said on writing: “A matter of exercise. If you work out with weights fifteen minutes a day, over a course of ten years, you’re gonna get muscles. If you write for an hour and a half a day for ten years, you’re gonna turn into a good writer.” I knew that. I just forgot. I’ve been telling my kids for years that practice makes perfect.

Three years ago, I couldn’t run one complete lap around a quarter-mile track. Now, after diligent practice, I have run as far as thirteen miles at one time and know, with training, I could go much farther. Every human is blessed with a gift. Some of us never discover it. Those who do and develop it seem to find some degree of contentment in this world of discontent. 

It’s a shame not to look for one’s talent. To me, it’s a bigger shame to find it and not develop it. Why spend a lifetime being ordinary when you can be special? It’s never too late.

And so I begin.

Published by the West Florida Literary Federation in 

Emerald Coast Review, Premier Edition, 1989

My life at the keyboard


As a Pensacola writer, I cross genres and will write about almost anything. One niche I discovered in 2004 is opinion pieces for the newspaper. Sharing my ideas, seeing the work in print, and receiving feedback is rewarding. 

Book clubs are a great way to exchange ideas with friends. It's not just about the wine. Sometimes we discover ourselves and each other as we study the characters, themes, cultures, and historical backgrounds. So many issues to explore!

Book clubs led me to writing book reviews. Of course, reviews are just an excuse to write an essay, but the members appreciate it, and they look good on Amazon. I also publish them in a newsletter I edit for the West Florida Literary Federation, The Legend.

I've been a member of the WFLF since 2005, serving several terms on the board of directors. We promote literary arts in the Florida Panhandle by supporting writers with workshops, open mics, scholarships, a biannual anthology, student poetry contests, naming a Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida, and bringing authors to Pensacola.

I co-edit a great ezine called panoply. We publish a quarterly issue of poetry, lots of really great stuff. I love spending time with my co-editors and learning from them. I've published two books and am working on two more.

My writing life is full! I wish you peace.

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1) Turning Leaves - Essays about Books and Reading from one book lover to another. 2) My Town ~ My View - Fifteen years of Pensacola essays on subjects of art, cancer, community, crime and punishment, Hurricane Ivan, and politics 2) Bending the Arrow ~ a novel of hope and inspiration based on truth. All books available on Amazon or from me.

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